Hiya! I am a Robotics postgraduate at the University of Bristol and now doing object detection. I found it tough but really interesting. Previously, I graduated from Wuhan University and the major was Measuring & Controlling Technology and Instrumentations.

I build this website to post my blogs, some coding coursework assignments, the summaries of crucial knowledge and the MOST IMPORTANTLY, my reviews of object detection. Besides, I also have an archived blog for French learning: BLOG FRANÇAIS. BTW, you won't miss the chance to chat with me right? Go to any of the posts and comment on it!

Email contact?👉🏻 jinhang.d.zhu@gmail.com. Feel free to contact me for my résumés or further discussion. You can also access me by visiting the social links presented at the page footer⬇.

Carpe Diem

2020/09/10Submitted the Master's dissertation.
2020/01/26Dissertation project kick-off.
2019/09/14Enrolled with the University of Bristol.
Dissertation status: submitted